Maurício de Lázzari Barbosa


  • Operations
  • Growth Strategy
  • Digital Health
  • His 1st salary was as a player of professional Basketball
  • 3 successful startups: Marielle, Rafael and Miguel
  • He loves “coxinha” (Brazilian chicken-based snack) and Coca Cola


Mauricio De Lázzari Barbosa is co-founder and CEO of Bionexo, the first B2B digital portal for the healthcare sector. Bionexo is a unique marketplace for hospitals and clinics that began in 2000 in Brazil and expanded in to other markets in Latin America and Spain. Before Bionexo, Maurício was Director of Operations for Merck (MSD); he studied Production Engineering at the Federal University of São Carlos and has executive education in the Sloan School of Management (Business School at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT). Maurício is leadership and reference in solutions of e-commerce and e-health in Latin America and also investor in a Venture Capital fund based in NYC called 645 Ventures, which focuses on Internet companies and early stage software.