Our solution is composed by three products : 1- Compact Glucose Monitoring platform 2- minimally invasive micro Insulin infusion pump 3- Mobile application to monitoring and controlling


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We propose a compact platform composed by a glucose meter, an insulin pump and a mobile app that will allow diabetics to treat and manage their diabetes in a much easier way, spending less money. First of all, our glucose meter is an all-in-one device which greatly reduces the amount of material diabetics have to carry all the time. Our insulin pump uses new technologies that allows it to be much smaller than the regular pumps on the market. Besides that, this technology allows the pump to be disposable, which significantly reduces its cost, around 6x cheaper than regular pumps. Using the mobile application, the user can control the insulin pump and receive data from the glucose meter, which help one keep track of his/her progress. The app also allows the user to share this information with doctors, caregivers and family to check the status. The user also has access to a huge database of nutrition facts to help him/her count the carbohydrates one will ingest.


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Nome: Amir Hossein Omidvar

Função: CEO



E-mail: a.omidvar@pockethealthlab.com.br