We have an acceleration program, but we are not an accelerator.

We are looking for solutions that…

Are exclusively digital health

Have already been tested and validated

Have a high potential for scalability

Were designed also, or exclusively, for mobile

How can we help?

We rely on a network of whizards who are willing to listen, learn, teach and open doors.

Through Bionexo, we have access more than 1,500 healthcare institutions within 5 countries that are open to test new solutions.

We also provide expertise on the health sector to help you with the search for human, financial and other types of resources.

How does this work?

Step 1

Every year, we invite all solutions from our Digital Health Community to apply

Step 2

All applicants go through a competitive application process

Step 3

Then a careful analysis will then be performed, taking into consideration the whizHealth criteria

Step 4

The solutions chosen will be subject to a diagnosis that will pinpoint their primary needs

Step 5

These needs will be included in an exclusive action plan and followed up by individuals who are experts on the subject

 Meet our portfolio!