About us

We believe that the revolution in digital and mobile healthcare in the world is still taking its first steps. Therefore, we offer to be a catalyst and capture the new digital healthcare ecosystem in Latin America, seeking to discover and support digital solutions.


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Distinguishing features

We are and always will be focused exclusively on digital health care and are particularly interested in solutions thought out and developed for mobile devices
Through our partners, we have access to more than 1,500 health care institutions, some of which have already established formal agreements with us to adopt the solutions that make up our portfolio
Through our website, entrepreneurs from all over the world can create their profile and disclose high-quality information on their solutions, thus creating a true ecosystem whereby customers and investors can find their right destination
We also rely on a network of whizards, i.e., professionals from a variety of areas who are willing to learn more about digital health care and speed up the development of the solutions and the entire ecosystem
We strongly believe that “a vision without action is an illusion”. Each step taken by whizhealth has the primary purpose of delivering real value for the involved stakeholders, since it is only by doing so that we can start the transformation the healthcare industry deserves

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Solution Map

 We created a place where all entrepreneurs from the digital and mobile healthcare sector will have a profile and registered solution, thus increasing their visibility to managers, prospective customers and investors

Acceleration Program

Each year we select a solution from our community of registered solutions. Other participants will be given by our whizards, a careful evaluation process will be conducted.